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Scrum Master

Scrum Master

Branża: Telco
Lokalizacja: Warszawa
Język projektu: Polski
Współpraca: B2B


  • Craft a mobile app for millions of Orange customers to enjoy
  • Motivate your team in order to improve quality, learning and efficiency, and encourage and support experiments for improvement
  • Setup team boards, radiators to establish visibility of team goals and transparency
  • Build a trusting and safe environment where problems can be raised without fear of blame, retribution, or being judged, with an emphasis on healing and problem-solving.
  • Provide all support to the team using a servant leadership style whenever possible, and leading by example.
  • Help your team follow agreed processes, ceremonies, and ensure the DoD (Definition of done) is being followed.
  • Facilitate discussion, decision making and conflict resolution.
  • Remove impediments or guide the team to remove impediments.
  • Assess the maturity of the team and environment and coach to higher levels of maturity, at a pace that is sustainable and comfortable for the team and its environment.
  • Assist with internal and external communication, improving transparency, and radiating information.
  • Support and educate the Product Owner, especially on grooming and maintaining the product backlog.
  • Guide the team and organisation on how to use Agile/Scrum practices and values to delight customers.

Who you are and what you know

  • You are passionate about engaging people to bring their best at work
  • You love technology and crafting solutions for millions of users to enjoy
  • You love going the extra mile to deeply understand their needs and delight customers
  • You love collaborating with Business, Developers, DevOps and QA colleagues to continuously improve as a team
  • You are self-motivated with strong organisational skills

Technologies we work with

  • Java, Angular, JS, HTML5
  • React Native, iOS, Android
  • PostgreSQL, Oracle, MongoDB
  • REST APIs, APIgee, Webmethod
  • Docker, Kubernetes, Openshift
  • Jenkins, GoCD

What could be useful

  • Experience in playing the Scrum Master role for at least one year for a software development team that was diligently applying Scrum principles, practices, and theory. (adjusted based on necessity)
  • Good skills and knowledge of servant leadership, facilitation, situational awareness, conflict resolution, continual improvement, empowerment, and increasing transparency.
  • Knowledge of well-documented tools (JIRA, Confluence), patterns and techniques to support your team: scrum board, burndown, retrospective, handling bugs, etc…
  • Experience with TDD, QA automation and in general software pipeline automation practices
  • Experience with software engineering best practices: version control, testing, code quality and automation
  • Experience with mobile or web frontend development teams
  • Experience with scalability, performance tuning of complex backend and mobile environments
  • Experience with API exposure, identity management solutions and security best practices

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