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High risk project management


When an organisation faces the challenge of launching a project of critical strategic importance, large budget and high complexity, its leaders often ask themselves what odds they have to complete it successfully. Is there a project manager available who has the necessary experience? How about the candidates for other project roles? Will the organisation be able to handle the scale of the project? How can the success of such a critical and risky venture be guaranteed?

Carrywater’s solution

Based on our many years’ experience in project management, which includes managing strategic projects and high-risk ones, we guarantee that your project will be carried out in line with the applicable best practices and industry-standard project management methodologies, which shall minimise the risk of its failure to attain the expected objectives.

We start our work with high risk projects by:

  • preparing a detailed project plan,
  • defining and launching a project management structure that is appropriate for the scale of the project and its nature,
  • preparing the project schedule,
  • defining and employing the right resources.

We manage the project in all of its essential aspects: financial, time-related, reporting-related and scope-related.  We put special emphasis on risk management. We make sure that your organisation’s leaders always have up-to-date information on project status.

Business value

An organisation which entrusts managing its high risk project with our experts, who have a track of experience in the execution of such ventures, effectively maximises the chances of its success. The management can be confident that the project is executed in an optimal and controlled manner and is always provided with up-to-date information on project status, which allows it to make optimal decisions.


Depending on the scope agreed, our involvement usually produces the following deliverables:

  • Project plan and other project management documents

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