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Optimising the energy procurement process


Changes at the energy market, including its liberalisation and the increase of prices motivated organisations to seeking savings by optimising the energy procurement process.

Carrywater’s solution

Carrywater can prepare an end-to-end analysis of the existing energy procurement and consumption process and based on the findings, it can recommend specific optimisation steps.

The proposed changes can apply to the following areas:

  • procurement of energy on the deregulated market, including:
    • executing the tender procedure and negotiating the terms with energy suppliers,
    • breaking down complex contracts and executing sales and distribution contracts,
    • creating and managing a procurement unit,
    • consolidating invoices from multiple energy utilities,
  • optimising energy procurement parameters, e.g. by choosing the proper tariffs or adjusting the amounts of contracted capacity,
  • adjusting the measurement systems.

Business value

We rely on the outcome of analyses of the actual needs of the organisation and its energy consumption profile rather than limiting ourselves to comparing supplier price lists, and based on the conclusions we recommend and carry out a change of the energy supplier and the commercial terms to make sure that long-term benefits are generated for the organisation.


Depending on the scope agreed, our involvement usually produces the following deliverables:

  • Energy procurement contracts executed with the new or the existing energy supplier at better prices
  • Procurement unit established
  • Optimised energy procurement parameters
  • Upgraded measurement systems

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