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Defining the strategy and the plan of tests and their execution


Development, implementation or modification of IT solutions in any organisation is inherently connected with its testing, as the system delivered must first be checked for accuracy and its consistency with the agreed requirements.

However, not every organisation has its own test execution strategy or the resources who can prepare the schedule of the tests and their scenario and supervise or execute them.

Carrywater’s solution

Carrywater develops the strategy of the tests with their key assumptions and the organisation’s expectations in mind.  While working on the strategy of the tests, we look at the relationships and dependencies that are of importance from the perspective of the entire IT architecture.

We prepare the test plans for specific implementations or modifications and develop all the individual test scripts.

We supervise the execution of tests of the IT solutions which the Customer chooses to perform on its own or outsources to a third party. We monitor the times of response to errors and ensure a timely implementation of changes. We also deliver transparent progress reports. We keep the schedule and the budget under control.

Business value

Carrywater’s support results in a timely and effective execution of tests on the IT solutions, conducted in line with the prepared strategy and schedule, which minimises the risks inherent to changes in IT systems.


Depending on the scope agreed, our involvement usually produces the following deliverables:

  • Test execution strategy
  • Schedule of tests for specific solution/change
  • Test progress reports

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