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Audit of project/programme management and its condition


Almost every organisation manages projects/programmes of high importance, whose timely completion and the quality of deliverables has impact on the execution of the organisation’s key strategic goals.

Quite often at some point the managers realise that the projects are at risk but still do not have the full and reliable information sufficient for them to make the right decisions. In some cases – for projects of critical importance – even if no issues have been identified, the organisation leaders want to obtain an impartial and comprehensive evaluation of the project’s (or programme’s) condition.

Carrywater’s solution

We audit the project or programme of interest to our Customer. We evaluate its current progress stage, investigate the management methods employed and the level of completion of project tasks, identify the causes of any issues discovered and recommend corrective actions.

In our analytic work we rely on the available project management documentation and the information obtained in the course of our interviews with project team members and project stakeholders.

We deliver a summary of our work in the form of an audit report that also includes our recommendations. We present the results of the audit to the executives of the organisation and to the managers responsible for the project or programme audited.

Business value

As a result of our work, the heads of the organisation obtain a well-founded evaluation of the project/programme condition, which allows them to make appropriate decisions concerning its future.


Depending on the scope agreed, our involvement usually produces the following deliverables:

  • Audit report and recommendations
  • Management presentation to summarise audit findings

we recommend: