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Programme setup and launch


Organisations often face the necessity to implement a major change – a new strategy, a new product line or a profound remodelling of their structure. The success of such an implementation and achieving the expected general objective is contingent upon a successful execution of numerous interconnected initiatives and their proper coordination. The organisation should not allow the individual initiatives to compete for resources, pursue overlapping scopes of work or generate deliverables that are not interoperable.

Carrywater’s solution

We help in organising related projects into one consistent programme that allows for the peculiar dependencies between the individual initiatives.

We set the general objectives for the programme, which we subsequently break down into a number of partial objectives assigned to the individual projects.

We develop methods of managing the programme as a whole by proposing an optimal structure of the programme board and by describing its management processes. We specify and implement mechanisms designed to monitor the dependencies between the individual projects and the rules for optimal resolution of any potential conflicts that may arise between them, which we devise with the programme objectives in mind rather than the partial objectives of the numerous sub-projects.

We deliver clear and transparent programme risk management guidelines.

Business value

A programme which has been planned and launched by Carrywater has all the attributes it takes to minimise the risk of failure to achieve the expected overall objectives within the agreed time and budget.


Depending on the scope agreed, our involvement usually produces the following deliverables:

  • Programme management rules
  • Organisational structure and definitions of roles
  • Plans of the individual projects

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