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When the Customer defines a business issue within its company and starts looking for a partner able to analyse all of its aspects, pinpoint the problem and implement the solution, Carrywater Consulting is the perfect choice.

We use the Carrywater Consulting model to assist our Customers in resolving their management problems in their strategic and operational areas. We analyse their root causes using the in-depth knowledge and skills of our consultants. We define optimal solutions based on our many years’ experience and our familiarity with the best practices of the specific industries. We implement them successfully because managing the change is our key competence.

When we take the responsibility for defining the solution and for the success of its implementation, we eventually provide the Customer with a finished product that shall allow it to make market success or optimise the costs of its operations. Consequently, we focus on the Customer’s issue and the Customer can focus on its core business.

Following the Carrywater Consulting model in our cooperation with the Customer usually involves:

  • co-creating and implementing business and IT strategies,
  • designing and optimising business and IT processes,
  • preparing project maturity assessments for the organisation or for individual projects or programmes. We also conduct projects aimed at developing and implementing project management methodology,
  • manage high-risk projects or projects under crisis,
  • and prepare the Customer for implementations of new products or IT systems:
    • we analyse the business, system, architectural and technological requirements,
    • we map business processes,
    • we provide advice in the process of selection of the optimal IT solution: we prepare RFPs, develop methods of proposal evaluation and evaluate them, support our Customers in their negotiations with the potential vendors and prepare contracts;
    • finally, we define the strategy of the implementation project.

If the Customer wishes so, we can even implement a complete IT solution (as part of the so-called “turn-key” project delivery).

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