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Consultants’ Code of Conduct

Project management

  • A Carrywater consultant is always committed to his or her work for the Customer and meets the delivery dates agreed in the project schedule. A Carrywater consultant fully implements the agreed project scope and even exceeds it, if economically justified. He or she is always attempting to ensure the best quality possible.
  • A Carrywater consultant is particularly sensitive to compliance with the standards applied by the Customer.
  • A Carrywater consultant predicts issues in that context and prevents them from happening and should any arise, he or she tries to resolve it within the project team, without getting its superiors or the Customer’s resources involved.
  • A Carrywater consultant complies with all the applicable requirements of confidentiality and protects Carrywater and its Customer against any releases of confidential information.
  • A Carrywater consultant manages the available resources in a way that ensures maximising the efficiency of their use.

Managing and working in the project team

  • A Carrywater consultant is open to team work. He or she makes sure there are no dominating, aggressive or emotional attitudes among the team members. Any conflicts related to the subject matter of the project that may arise in the team are perceived by the consultant as opportunities to develop new, better solutions. The consultant ensures that the team members work together smoothly and support each other in project execution. He or she is able to integrate the team and inspire its members’ commitment to achieve outstanding project performance.
  • A Carrywater consultant ensures that the project team communication procedures in place are properly followed.
  • A Carrywater consultant supports his or her less experienced colleagues and tries to teach them his or her skills and the knowledge they need to perform the tasks assigned to them.
  • A Carrywater consultant supports the project team members in the process of planning of their knowledge and skills and serves as a source of the team’s expertise and experience.

Behaviour towards the Customer

  • A Carrywater consultant always does what is best for the optimally understood Customer’s interest. He or she represents the Customer and protects its business in the relationships with other partners, customers and suppliers. The consultant never allows any situation to occur that might affect his or her sound judgement or impartiality while managing the project, giving advice or recommendations to the Customer.
  • A Carrywater consultant builds a proper image of the company and maintains a good relationship with the Customer.
  • A Carrywater consultant identifies the challenges the Customer is facing and points to their solutions.

Carrywater consultant’s competences

  • A Carrywater consultant has the expertise and the skills required to ensure his or her effectiveness in managing the project entrusted with them. While managing it, the consultant is always developing themselves professionally by gaining new knowledge, skills and experiences, which he or she can use to be a better project manager.
  • A Carrywater consultant does not accept the responsibility for a project or a task if he or she does not have the knowledge or skills it requires. Whenever such a situation occurs in the course of an ongoing project, the consultant always asks its supervisors for appropriate support.

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