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Designing and deploying Business Process Management Office


A decision to implement a process management system means putting the organisation on new operations and management tracks. This also means that the new processes, while followed, provide the managers with updates on the organisation’s performance. In order to be able to use that information, processes must be measured, results reported, corrective actions initiated and the process documentation updated on an ongoing basis. It is difficult to ensure all that if the organisation does not introduce the appropriate new roles, define their scope of responsibility and — last but not least — create a new support unit.

Carrywater’s solution

We define the desired competences and implement the roles responsible for the maintenance of the process management system. We establish the rules and procedures of BPMO operations, including without limitation ones that deal with process measurement and review operations, result reporting, supporting process owners in defining the necessary corrective steps, maintaining a consistent repository of process documentation and process models.

We also support our Customers in their recruitment processes aimed at staffing of the new process roles in their organisation.

Business value

The BPMO we have defined and implemented ensures that the change in the organisation’s operations introduced by the new process management system will last. Our Customers observe results of the process-based management not only directly after its implementation but also later, and their organisations keep steadily increasing their process maturity level.


Depending on the scope agreed, our involvement usually produces the following deliverables:

  • Definition of the roles, scopes of duties and the internal procedures of the newly founded unit
  • Official documents necessary to put the new unit of the company’s organisational structure into operation

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