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As a consequence of our decision to expand the scope of our operations in order to follow our new strategy, on 31 August 2011 we transformed our company into Carrywater Group S.A. The transformation resulted in creating a company unique to the Polish market under the business name Carrywater, which has been providing consulting and management services based on the three specialised models: Consulting, Interim and Ventures.

The construction of the Group also included establishing NetTeam Solutions, a separate company whose business is development of dedicated IT solutions.

Those changes helped Carrywater become even more effective in dealing with the challenges the highly competitive market of today confronts modern organisations with.


The total value of investments we have managed on behalf of our Customers exceeded 1 billion Polish zloty (PLN). It is also a record-breaking year for our company in terms of its earnings, as our revenue on management and consulting services exceeded the threshold of PLN 10 million.

We also had an opportunity to use our project management competence in the energy sector for such companies as ENEA Operator or RWE.


The year of extremely dynamic growth of our company, both in terms of employment, as well as our programme. Our team was joined by more than ten people, including consultants with rich experience obtained in their work for leading consultancies, experts of business practice and best graduates of the most renowned Polish universities.

In 2008 we have also presented a new portfolio of innovative services to our Customers.

It is since 2008 that we have been present in the energy sector, in which we assist the ever changing power companies in defining their strategic projects, such as CRM or network passporting and managing them, and in organising efficient management of their investment portfolios. We won ENERGA and PSE-Operator as our new Customers.


On 15 June 2007 we changed our business name to Carrywater Consulting, which emphasises the consulting profile of our company and our expanded scope of interests, such as non-IT management areas.

Another important event of that year was isolating out Tequila Mobile (mobile game developer) as a separate stock company. Before its establishing, that line of our business was developed as our internal R&D operations.


We celebrated our 10th anniversary. The total value of the investments which we have been managing on behalf of our Customers exceeded PLN 500m.

Our competences found recognition with banking and insurance companies, which employed our team at its strategic projects. The services we provided including consulting on the selection of the best investment portfolio management solution, an implementation of a new product offering and building the culture of managing through projects.


We commenced projects for our fuel industry Customers, including the largest Polish petrol company. Our team was responsible for managing, supporting and consulting services to business and IT projects in the retail and wholesale areas.


Since 2003 the team of our consultants has been successfully managing large-scale IT projects in the telecommunications sector. We were managing the implementation of integrated CRM solutions, contact centres, billing and passporting systems, including coordination of organisational changes resulting from the automation of business processes at our customers. We supported also crisis management and effectiveness improvement of 36 call centres of TP’s “Blue Line” customer service.


In 1999 the company was transformed into a limited liability company and renamed to IT Experts. We expanded our offer by adding services for new sectors. In this period we started developing our own group work platform – NetTeam. On the basis of this platform we create customer-dedicated contact centre systems, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems, workflow systems, CMS (Content Management Systems), help desk systems, etc.


Within a few years from our incorporation in 1996, our team grew to 20 people. We operated as POS Experts Consulting and our main field of specialty were implementations of sales systems for commercial chains. At that time we coordinated implementation of IT systems for the largest international retail chains, such as TESCO Polska, Real Polska, Ahold Polska, TIP, PLUS Discount. We developed IT environments for more than 150 hyper- and supermarkets all over the country.

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