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When following the Ventures model, we create ideas, build ventures and accelerate company growth. We are practically oriented and are eager to get involved in the idea implementation process. Based on our experience we have learnt that ideas come easily but their execution is usually the most difficult part to do. Luckily, the numerous successful projects we participated in allow us to support entrepreneurs in shaping and building their business.

Carrywater Ventures is an innovative approach that makes execution of the most creative and challenging projects possible. Its formula minimises business risk, which is frequently the key obstacle in the process of gaining competitive edge. The Ventures model provides a framework that facilitates implementing the most innovative ideas and reduces their risk of failure.

Carrywater Ventures is a combination of a financing model based on a venture capital fund and the potential of our company’s consulting team. It consists in Carrywater working with the Customer on the complete “turnkey” execution of investments, which starts with the idea alone and ends with the completely implemented innovation or optimisation. In that process, Carrywater is not only the Customer’s business architect but also its business and financial partner.
In addition, the Ventures model is a path for the most resourceful Carrywater consultants, who can submit their own business ideas (iGen) for implementation as part of the innovative enterprises funded by Carrywater.

Execution of innovative “turnkey” projects under the Ventures model

According to the assumptions of the Carrywater Ventures process, Carrywater and its Customer jointly establish a special purpose vehicle which is co-financed by means of a venture capital fund (which is additionally supported by third party private equity funds), in which Carrywater is the party responsible for implementing the innovation, the new product or the optimisation. Upon the expiry of an agreed period of time, Carrywater exits such an investment project on the terms contingent upon the scale of its success. Executing an innovative venture as a turnkey project is only feasible with the assistance of an experienced team of Carrywater consultants and project managers. As Carrywater is also a stakeholder, the company is additionally motivated to maximise its efforts.

The Ventures approach is a flexible investment funding option that does not require the Customer to risk the full amount of funds needed to purchase the services and the infrastructure required for the venture. It also encourages Carrywater and the Customer to strengthen their relationship and streamline the cooperation of their representatives who jointly work towards the same business objective.

Project profile and investment strategy preferred under Ventures approach

The projects of primary interest to Carrywater Ventures are those conducted in the context of the latest information technologies, professional services (such as project management), mobile technologies, hi-tech services and products. We also analyse innovative projects for the energy sector that address such challenges as microgeneration, optimisation of energy consumption or elimination of its losses, as well as projects connected with knowledge and know-how developing and sharing. We are interested in such projects as mobile applications, cloud application products and services, solutions aimed at improving access to or the quality of information, as well as solutions for mass users based on social/community mechanisms.


The members of the Carrywater Ventures investment committee are practically oriented experts specialised in management consulting and in business and hi-tech start-ups. Thanks to the many years of its experience in managing complex business and technology projects and to the successful and fast-growing companies built from scratch (including Information Market, Tequila Mobile and Wisdio), the fund and its Customers can jointly tackle even the most challenging projects and gradually transform them into permanent and valuable enterprises.
In 2011 the success of our initiatives was best proven by Tequila Mobile, a company we established, which ranked third in the Deloitte Technology Fast50 Central Europe 2011 competition’s “Rising Stars” category, which groups the Eastern Europe’s fastest growing TMT (Technologies, Media, Telecommunications) companies.

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