Carrywater - business architects

Managers and Experts

We offer professional support of our experienced managers and experts dedicated to the Customer for the duration of the project.

This service is primarily addressed to the organisations which need professional support in the process of execution of their investment, transformational and business projects. We give our Customers an option to hire our professionals for temporary projects, without a need to employ them on permanent basis.

Our experienced experts, managers and consultants can be entrusted with the following roles:

Project Manager

Shadow Project Manager

High Risk Project Manager

Programme Manager

Project Portfolio Manager

Project Risk Manager

Project Quality Manager

Project Schedule Coordinator

Project Scope Coordinator

Project Budget Coordinator

Project Risk Coordinator

Project Quality Coordinator

Project Communication Coordinator

HR Management Coordinator

Project Vendor Management Coordinator

PMO Manager

PMO Assistant

IT Test Manager

IT Systems Security Auditor

IT Systems Security Analyst

Business Analyst

Business Process Analyst

IT Architect

ERP Consultant

CRM Consultant

Provisioning Systems Consultant

Billing Systems Consultant

Business Intelligence (BI) Consultant

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