Carrywater - business architects

Our values

Our objective is to provide our Customers with business consulting services that add measurable value to their business. It is important to us that our Customers have a justified sense of security and can be confident that their projects are entrusted with reliable, predictable and professional consultants.
Therefore in our everyday work we follow a set of principles which ensure that our Customers have the best level of benefits and comfort.

  • We care after our Customer’s business as if it were our own. We always take our Customer’s side.
  • We are oriented towards achieving practical and valuable results. Our recommendations are not collecting dust – we put them to practice.
  • We select our consultants for specific projects based on the actual needs of the Customer and its project.
  • In the course of the numerous projects we have delivered to various industries, we have gathered a lot of experience. In spite of that we do not copy existing solutions to new Customers but learn from our experiences instead, which allows us to avoid errors and use the solutions that we know to have proven effective.
  • We are good listeners. No one knows more about an enterprise than its board of directors or its owner, so we do our best to learn as much as we can from our Customers, which makes us confident that the solution we eventually recommend to them is best for them.
  • We think long term. We know that our Customers’ hiring or recommending us in the future depends upon our consultants’ contribution to a valuable change in the Customer’s business.
  • We share our knowledge, experience and our best practices with our Customers.
  • We know how critical continuity is to management and to consulting, so we give our Customers our guarantee that their project shall be handled by an unchanging team of consultants.
  • The work of Carrywater consultants brings value to our company, too. The remuneration model we offer to our customers is based on a fixed price and a success fee. We price our work based on its true actual costs and we do not change the agreed price at the end of the project.

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