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Project setup and launch


Every organisation can be assigned with a project which it is unprepared to deal with. The fear
of being unable to manage it can have many reasons: the scale of the project, the technology involved, special time constraints, limited resources or missing competence, experience or lack of appropriate project management methodology in place.

Carrywater’s solution

We assist in all the actions that should be taken prior to project launch to ensure its success and we provide our help in launching it.

We start by defining the project and learning about the organisation’s project management competence. We provide our support in laying down the assumptions and aid the Customer in defining measurable objectives for the project. We plan the methods of managing it and schedule the project work. Finally, we determine the proper project management structure and help our client in establishing it.

By taking all those actions before the project is started, we make sure that it has everything it needs to be completed successfully in line with the best applicable practices:

  • a defined scope of work,
  • defined deliverables,
  • the necessary resources,
  • an established structure and defined roles,
  • defined management processes.

Business value

A project launched by Carrywater has all the mechanisms necessary to control its execution in place. It has a detailed plan, which allows its progress to be monitored on an ongoing basis. Its risks can be identified early and effectively managed. The project management process is designed to ensure the expected business results are delivered as planned, on time and within budget.


Depending on the scope agreed, our involvement usually produces the following deliverables:

  • Project charter
  • Project plan: schedule, budget, scope of work
  • Project management plan
  • Organisational structure and project roles

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