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Preparing and implementing a programme management methodology


Each organisation can face a need to implement a major change, whose magnitude shall require it to be broken down into a number of minor initiatives that are easier to manage. It is not infrequent however that the individual initiatives start living their own independent lives: they have their own managers, each of whom makes sure his or her project is carried out properly, and the projects soon start competing with each other for resources and the communication between their individual managers fades out. In addition, the different concurrent initiatives duplicate each other’s scope of work and produce non-compatible deliverables.

Carrywater’s solution

We offer implementing a programme management methodology, which defines a programme as a set of interconnected project commenced to achieve a common general objective. We can develop a methodology which shall allow managing the consistency of the individual objectives and scopes of the various projects that constitute the programme.

As part of that methodology we define:

  • processes for the monitoring of the dependencies and relationships between the projects,
  • means of identifying and resolving conflicts,
  • mechanisms that enable effective making of management decisions.

Business value

As a result of our work, a methodology is implemented that allows the organisation to categorise and group the individual projects into programmes without seeking assistance of third party services providers and in recognition of the relationships between the projects. The organisation can follow a project deliverable management process designed to achieve the overall business profits expected of the programme.


Depending on the scope agreed, our involvement usually produces the following deliverables:

  • Programme management methodology
  • Programme management tools

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