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Designing and implementing a system for Business Process Management


Process maturity studies clearly show that Polish organisations do not go beyond identifying and describing their existing business processes, which are neither measured nor managed. No measurement systems or management information based on process metrics are used.

An organisation which has any doubts whether the information provided by its defined processes is used should consider implementing Business Process Management (BPM) measures.

Carrywater’s solution

The BPM methodology we apply includes:

  • developing and implementing process measurement principles,
  • reviewing the existing metrics,
  • defining a set of optimal process metrics.

We develop systems of process indicators and metrics for our Customers that are based on the strategic objectives of their organisations. Next, we cascade them down the process architecture and apply them to the individual processes. We make sure that the objectives of the processes are linked to the personal objectives of their participants. Making the employees aware how their work contributes to the execution of the processes and the company’s strategic goals is one of the most fundamental success factors of any BPM implementation project.

We define measurement cycles and rules of reporting, principles of aggregating, decomposing and communicating results, and the rules of operation of the necessary decision-making bodies.

In the course of our work we define the rules of managing the portfolio of process facilitation initiatives, such as: motivating staff to come up with their initiatives, defining the channels of their reporting and the rules of their prioritisation.

We design Business Process Management systems based on:

  • Rummler’s and Brache’s classical concepts of project management and BPM approaches,
  • modern concepts, such as Social BPM, Process Intelligence, dynamic BPM,
  • Six Sigma method, as applicable to the process measurement tools,
  • the lean management philosophy, as applicable to the organisational culture, which facilitates using BPM as a tool for the organisation’s continuous improvement.

Business value

The Business Process Management system we have built becomes the company’s primary source of management information, which is complete and trustworthy enough for the organisation/enterprise leaders to be able to use it to make their most basic and strategic management decisions.

Thanks to the measurements and reviews of the processes launched as a result of the project the company becomes a continuously improving organisation.


Depending on the scope agreed, our involvement usually produces the following deliverables:

  • Document that describes the designed process management system
  • Set of defined metrics and indicators
  • Procedures for result measuring and reporting and for initiation of improvement projects

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