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Evaluation of IT organization maturity - benchmark


In many organisations IT operations are performed out of line with the expectations and do not provide sufficient support for the company to follow its business objectives. The reasons for that are frequently unknown and difficult to identify without external help. The company’s leaders need to know if their IT organisation is able to perform more efficiently and provide better support for the company’s business goals.

Carrywater’s solution

We evaluate the IT organisation and its maturity and benchmark it against other organisations in the industry.

We use the best practices available on the market to improve the quality of support provided by the IT structures.

We identify the root causes of the inefficiency of the systems and operations in the IT area.

We prepare a list of recommendations and proposals on corrective actions and outline the expected outcome of their implementation. We also offer our support in their practical execution.

Business value

After Carrywater has completed its evaluation work, the organisation obtains information about the causes of its inefficiency and is recommended specific changes whose implementation shall make its IT organisation more mature, and thus more effective in supporting the company in its efforts to achieve its business goals.


Depending on the scope agreed, our involvement usually produces the following deliverables:

  • Report on maturity of IT organisation

Supported area:

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