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White certificates acquisition support


The Energy Efficiency Law provides the legal basis for the enhancement of energy consumption and for promotion of the technological solutions that reduce the use of energy or limit carbon emissions. A system of energy efficiency certificates, called “white certificates” is being developed, which can be obtained and subsequently sold by the companies which have made investments aimed at optimising energy consumption. This means additional funding for the businesses which have made or are planning to make investments to increase their energy efficiency.

Carrywater’s solution

We offer our support in the course of the entire process of acquisition of white certificates. We can:

  • recommend the investments that will be most beneficial in the optimisation of energy consumption,
  • coordinate the tender process aimed at the acquisition of white certificates,
  • perform energy efficiency audits to confirm the savings attained.

We recommend that our Customers conduct an energy review early to identify the areas where energy efficiency can be improved and estimate the potential for improvement.

Business value

Our approach is based on end-to-end support at each step that leads you to obtaining your energy efficiency certificate, from the very conceptual design of the savings to the final confirmation of the objectives attained. This will give your organisation the continuity and the consistency of its actions which will lead it to being awarded an Energy Efficiency Certificate by the President of the Polish Energy Regulatory Office (UREA).


Depending on the scope agreed, our involvement usually produces the following deliverables:

  • Energy review report
  • Reports for energy efficiency audits of the completed projects
  • Reports for energy efficiency audits of the projects planned
  • Tender declaration

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