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“In the course of the project Carrywater’s team presented great dedication and a lot of understanding for our needs. The assumptions concerning the methods and recommendations, which Carrywater developed, fully addressed the needs identified by all participants of the project […]. The professional training, which was conducted in an interesting manner, not only ensured an appropriate level of knowledge in the aspect of project management, but also presented a positive approach to the new principles of project management in the entire organisation. I have already seen that Carrywater work brings measurable profits to INEA S.A. – our projects are initiated, planned and accomplished in a more efficient and effective manner.” Eugeniusz Grzybek, Management Board Member, INEA S.A.
  “In the course of the project execution, Carrywater staff presented expert knowledge of the services it provided as well as showed a lot of dedication and excellent understanding for our needs. Services were rendered in line with the scope agreed, at the price agreed and within the time limits agreed with ITI Neovision, and Carrywater showed the expected flexibility and due diligence in their work.” Piotr Ścibor, IT Director, ITI Neovision
  “The work ordered was accomplished within the assumed time frame and in adherence to the top quality standards. The team of Carrywater’s consultants presented non-standard solutions and demonstrated their professional expertise in the issues they dealt with.” Radosław Bednarski, Head of IT Systems Implementation and Integration Department, Energa S.A.
  “The Team showed great dedication and competence, delivering the final product of high quality. Several of the recommendations made to us were eventually implemented, which confirms the value of the services provided by these Consultants.” Mateusz Stefański, Director of Information Technology Bureau PKN Orlen
  “The company showed a reliable approach, organised complex intradepartmental cooperation and provided an analysis regarding product launch, supported the implementation process of our new offering in the area of services, sales and IT support. The support provided by Carrywater to the project team allowed a timely launch of the product on the market.” Tomasz Dąbkowski, Director of Change Management Department, Commercial Union, Aviva Group
  “The process managed by a Carrywater consultant, who operated under challenging time frames and in the presence of numerous limitations, was handled in a proper way, which allowed keeping the deadline set for the project’s completion, which in turn contributed to the timely fulfilment of one of the requirements of the Understanding between TP and UKE {Office of Electronic Communication}. The system implemented obtained a positive recommendation from an external auditor and the project manager […] received the TP President’s Award for a successful implementation of changes, which included this system.” Grzegorz Żukowski, Project Manager, Department of IT Projects in TP Group

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