Carrywater - business architects


Carrywater provides it consulting services using its own proprietary project execution methodology, which comprises a set of procedures, tools and document templates developed based on well over a decade of our experiences. Its unique value has its source in its reliance upon our project management competence, which we acquired while providing consulting services  and managing our Customers’ projects of various scale and organisation size. We also learned how to leverage those experiences and use the tools we have by managing typical consulting projects.

The consulting services we provide based on Carrywater’s project management methodology have numerous benefits to our Customers, such as:

  • giving them access to a precise schedule of our consulting services,
  • providing them with ongoing monitoring of the service delivery progress,
  • ensuring a plan on the use of resources that is aligned with the scope and scale of the service,
  • agile and flexible service scope planning,
  • fixed pricing,
  • cutting down on the bureaucracy that is usually connected with service delivery.

Carrywater’s experience shows that providing consulting services under a project allows us to:

  • optimise the work on the consulting project, which effectively means it is completed sooner and costs less,
  • offer ongoing monitoring of the service delivery progress, which ensures its timeliness and an unchanging cost of its delivery,
  • dedicating the people with the right competences to consulting projects, which eliminates the risk of excessive growth of project team size,
  • approaching the selection of management tools flexibly and applying elements of applicable proven methodologies (e.g.  Prince2, PMBoK).

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