Carrywater - business architects

Idea Generation

Under our company’s iGen (Idea Generation) process we get our consultants involved in the process of defining and planning of the innovations, which are analysed for their benefits, costs and risks and implemented within our company or our Customer’s organisation as improvements, new products or performance enhancements. Creating new ideas and taking the initiative to implement them are a natural part of our business.

The iGen process was devised to equip us with an orderly and organised methodology for collecting, selecting and implementing ideas successfully in the following four categories that are of interest to us:

  • Enhancements, which are the ideas that streamline our consulting practice or other part of Carrywater operations, or
  • Products, which are the concepts of new products or ways to adapt a product that exists on the market so that it can be included in Carrywater’s product offering, or
  • Business Ideas for Carrywater Customers, which either optimise our Customers’ businesses, provide innovative solutions to their issues or suggest new business areas our Customers might want to enter, or
  • Ventures, which are the ideas for discussion with our Customers as standalone business ventures that can be defined and jointly executed or implemented by our and our Customer’s teams.

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