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User experience testing


It is not uncommon for organisations to make substantial investments of funds and resources in the development of the IT tools which their end users eventually prove reluctant to use or which are used significantly less intensively than assumed. Users complain about poor intuitiveness, missing support for the most basic actions, inconvenience and difficulties in using the application. A need arises to produce a systematic evaluation of the IT tool and to identify its weak points.

Carrywater’s solution

In order to accomplish that, we work with the end users to conduct User Experience tests, which allow us to assess the selected IT tools and identify their weaknesses.

We prepare conclusions and recommendations. We also offer our support in the process of preparation of an action plan designed to enhance the features and usability of the IT tool reviewed.

Business value

Our work results in identifying the key functional defects of the IT tool. The recommendations of changes and enhancements we deliver allow our Customers to modify them in a way that increases the intensity of their use and user satisfaction.


Depending on the scope agreed, our involvement usually produces the following deliverables:

  • Recommendations of changes and enhancements

we recommend: