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Increasing project maturity level


Effective project execution is gaining on importance for many organisations nowadays. Some of them have already had their project maturity evaluation done and learned that its below their expectations. In their reports, the auditors briefed the management on the issues discovered and recommended steps which need to be taken to increase project effectiveness. With those recommendations at hand, now it is time for specific actions.

Carrywater’s solution

Based on the information and the recommendations provided in the Report on the organisation’s project maturity we develop a detailed action plan designed to increase the organisation’s effectiveness in that area.

After the action plan has been agreed upon and approved, we provide operational support in its implementation up to the point of obtaining the satisfactory results defined at the outset.

Increasing the project maturity may require training the staff in the field of project management. We prepare and conduct training sessions tailored to the individual needs of each organisation.

Business value

As a result of our work, the organisation progresses in its project maturity and consequently increases its effectiveness in project execution, thus becoming well prepared to handle a larger number of more complex projects, programmes and project portfolios.


Depending on the scope agreed, our involvement usually produces the following deliverables:

  • Action plan to increase the level of project maturity
  • Implementation progress reports
  • Final implementation report
  • Staff training

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