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Preparing and implementing a projekt management methodology


Even though there is hardly an organisation that does not run some more or less complex projects, not every organisation has a uniform project management standard.

In many cases the absence of the appropriate procedures results in each project manager conducting his or her projects based on his or her own concept that does not follow any applicable good practices. The project managers develop their own non-standard methods of cooperation with the organisation, which it eventually fails to document or communicate, and thus each subsequent person in charge of a project has to face the same challenge of ‘reinventing the wheel’. As a consequence, the execution of projects is not repeatable, they are difficult to control and very difficult to streamline. This, in turn, unavoidably leads to delays and budget busting.

Carrywater’s solution

We develop a project management methodology tailored to the needs of the specific organisation. While working on it, we reach for elements of world-class project management standards, such as PMI PMBOK or PRINCE2, or employ our own approach, called Carrywater Framework for Project Management, which addresses the project management issues most frequently identified on the Polish market.

While designing the project management methodology for our Customers, we work on:

  • ensuring uniform project management, control and evaluation mechanisms,
  • safeguarding consistency and standardisation of project planning, execution and control processes,
  • defining or customising the operational processes (i.e. sourcing, budget, controlling ones) to make them supportive to project management,
  • constructing a reporting system that shall be providing the executives with the information necessary to make informed and reasonable business decisions.

Business value

The methodology implemented by Carrywater ensures a transparent and systematic management of projects in the organisation.  As a result, the company’s directors are given a better control over the projects in progress, which reduces the risk of exceeding budgets and deadlines, and minimises the risk of the project’s failure  to produce the expected business improvements.


Depending on the scope agreed, our involvement usually produces the following deliverables:

  • Project management methodology
  • Project management tools, such as IT solutions and document templates

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