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Innovative Carrywater programme

We follow our mission by getting involved in achieving ambitious goals using innovative approaches of managing the existing and the future business. In order to put it into practice as effectively as possible, we have launched a “Idea for Venture” programme, which is designed to allow us to implement innovative projects in cooperation with the authors of their concepts.

The programme’s objective is to identify, promote and deploy innovative solutions, ventures and concepts that build value by optimising the business or by generating new sources of revenue.

What sort of projects are we interested in?

The main focus of our “Idea for Venture” programme are new technology projects and professional services, such as IT consulting or managing the submitted projects.

We particularly encourage participation of authors of project ideas related to the following domains: mobile technologies and applications, developing and sharing knowledge bases and know-how, cloud application services, information acquisition and management, solutions based on social/community mechanisms.

We are also interested in industry-specific projects that deal with performance enhancements, process optimisation and innovations in the telecom or the energy sector. The latter might e.g. include concepts for microgeneration, optimisation of energy consumption, elimination of losses or smart grid solutions.

Carrywater’s experience gathered so far in the projects we have managed for the leading telecommunications and energy corporations, as well as the market success of Carrywater portfolio companies Tequila Mobile, Wisdio, NetTeam Solutions and Information Market allows ensuring expert support to the projects selected under the programme and guarantees their ultimate success.

What can you gain by submitting your idea to Carrywater?

Each author of a new and genuine idea of their own who has visualised a product, a service or a start-up but does not have the resources necessary to execute the project can complete the following application form and become our business partner.

The most interesting projects shortlisted after a two-stage business analysis and a successful conclusion of the negotiation process can be commercialised and introduced to the market with the assistance of the Group, its partner venture capital funds and/or Carrywater’s Customers interested in them.

The scope of the support we can offer to the selected projects includes, for example:

  • a verified and described business model,
  • organising and managing the project,
  • business consulting services,
  • funding,
  • technological support,
  • back office facilities and the infrastructure,
  • legal and/or accounting support,
  • promoting the idea at the appropriate scale,  including globally.

We guarantee the programme participants that all the information they submit to us by means of the application form shall be kept confidential.

Idea for Venture

We deploy innovative solutions in partnership with their originators!

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