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Preparing organisation to obtain ISO 50001 certificate of conformity


The companies which look for sources of savings are more and more frequently trying to optimise their costs related to energy efficiency. However, they sometimes fail to find out how to make substantial cuts in their energy costs. The actions companies take are one-off efforts or are not aligned with their general policy. Many businesses lack a systematic approach to energy efficiency enhancement. In addition, as the popular awareness of the need to reduce carbon emissions rises, corporations face the challenges of the social pressure for responsible energy management, which becomes a serious issue of their image and reputation.

Carrywater’s solution

Those rising expectations can be handled by implementing ISO 50001, the international standard for energy management systems. Even though it can be applied to any organisation, regardless of its industry, size or location, it focuses on the companies whose operations involve high consumption of energy or which emit significant amounts of greenhouse gases. The objective behind the standard is to encourage systematic energy management, which reduces the costs of energy by improving that area of management. In addition, the processes observed in the course of the standard implementation help companies to look for new technological solutions and show the way to potential savings.

Carrywater activities include:

  • training courses aimed at raising the awareness in the area of efficient use of energy,
  • GAP analysis with respect to the requirements of the ISO PN ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems standard,
  • preparing the necessary documentation as per the requirements of the ISO PN ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems standard,
  • preparing and participating in the process of certification of the energy management system by an accredited certifying authority,
  • maintaining the Energy Management System.

Business value

Apart from streamlining the certification process and ensuring it is successfully concluded, we also build the awareness of the Customer’s employees and reduce energy security risks.


Depending on the scope agreed, our involvement usually produces the following deliverables:

  • GAP analysis report
  • Energy policy and the remaining internal documentation required by ISO 50001
  • Energy management system compliant with the ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems standard, integrated with other management systems of the company
  • Report that lists the recommendations for selection of the certifying authority

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