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With a team of more than 50 project managers and experts and recognised external partners, Carrywater Group is Poland’s largest company that specialises in project management and in implementing the culture of managing through projects in organisations.

According to its philosophy, the Group is extremely flexible in cooperation with its partners, which effectively reduces the “weight” of the company’s structure and its costs and enables a networking model of partner cooperation that is a business equivalent of Web 2.0. Unlike the companies of the conventional, “heavy” employment structure, Carrywater does not charge its Customers with the hidden costs of its business.

The Group is composed of the following companies:

Carrywater Group S.A. (former Carrywater Consulting Sp. z o.o.), which is the Group’s parent company and an integrator of its know-how and expertise, competences and solutions provided by experts active at the associated partner companies. Carrywater Group S.A. offers consulting and management services based on the three innovative models: Consulting, Interim and Ventures.

NetTeam Solutions S.A. is a provider of dedicated IT solutions and a vendor of systems which support automation of business processes. The company specialises in developing solutions that strictly follow the Customers’ requirements and in their integrating with legacy systems, as well as ensures implementation of solutions based on its proprietary NetTeam products. NetTeam’s managers, analysts and software developers have more than 10 years of experience in development of IT solutions. The company was incorporated in April 2011 by isolating an organised unit from the structures of Carrywater Consulting Sp. z o.o.

The Group’s parent company operates a fund called Carrywater Ventures, which was established to support investment projects executed together with the Group’s Customers and to aid execution of innovative internal projects. The projects of primary interest to the fund operator are those conducted in the context of the most recent information technologies, professional services, mobile technologies, hi-tech services and products and in the field of knowledge and know-how management. Projects are also developed for the energy sector and address such challenges as microgeneration, optimisation of energy consumption, elimination of losses.
Carrywater Ventures is also interested in such areas as mobile applications, cloud application products and services, solutions aimed at improving access to or the quality of information, or solutions for mass users based on their social relationships. The team responsible for the fund has started up Tequila Mobile S.A., Information Market SA (former and Wisdio S.A.
and is currently supporting the following ventures:

Tequila Mobile S.A. was established in 2007 and is a globally operating digital platform for distribution of mobile applications. With sales operations in as many as 80 countries, it provides applications (especially freemium games) to mobile telephone users. The company operates the Tequila Planet platform, which has so far attracted over 3 million users and can be used for mobile marketing, direct distribution of mobile applications to end users and for monetisation and settlements of microtransactions for own and partners’ applications, which allows its use with worldwide game developers. Tequila has a network of representatives in key regions of the world. The company was incorporated in December 2007 following a spin-off of an innovative R&D project initiated back in 2003 as part of its operations under Carrywater.
In 2011 Tequila Mobile S.A. ranked 3 in the “Emerging Stars” category of the 12th Technology Fast50 Central Europe 2011 competition, which was organised by Deloitte to group the fastest growing TMT companies (Technologies, Media, Telecommunications) of the Central Europe.

Wisdio S.A. Incorporated in 2011, the company offers a global “social search” product-service available online and as a mobile application. Wisdio is a solution which significantly facilitates finding answers to specialised questions thanks to a network of experts and portal users. The platform allows the experts to share their knowledge commercially with the interested parties. Wisdio enables business customers to organise their knowledge and make it available within their organisation or to their customers.

Information Market S.A.Incorporated in 2011, the company is a provider of news services, such as the leading charge-based petrol industry news portal The company provides the key sectors of economy with the latest information on price forecasts, raw material prices, events, people and companies. Information Market is also an independent consultancy specialised in providing consulting and analytical services to companies of the petrol sales market in Poland.

The ventures are part of Carrywater Ventures Limited’s portfolio, which is controlled by Carrywater’s main shareholder.

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