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Evaluation of the process organisation/process maturity


A decision about implementing a business process management (BPM) methodology usually involves preparing countless new definitions, concepts and management principles and their effective practical implementation.

The success of such an implementation depends upon the level of detail of the implementation plan prepared, which should also take the existing condition of the organisation into account – both the formal and the informal rules of task execution, management of procedures and operations and the skills and competences connected with the processes managed that are available to the organisation.

Carrywater’s solution

In order to prepare a BPM implementation path optimal for the specific organisation, Carrywater performs an analysis of the as-is status and evaluates the company’s process maturity. That kind of approach ensures that the resources dedicated to the BPM implementation project shall be used effectively and focus on the issues which require correcting.

While preparing the evaluation, we verify the individual components of the BPM system based on the applicable recognised standards (CMMI – Capability Maturity Model Integration). We also work with the PROCESOWCY.PL team, who are the pioneers of process maturity studies in Poland.

In the course of the review we cooperate with the Customer to check such parameters as:

  • degree of identification and documentation of processes at the company,
  • familiarity with the processes,
  • functioning of process roles,
  • coordination of process objectives with the company’s strategic ones,
  • how the processes are measured,
  • how the results of the processes are used.

Business value

After Carrywater has delivered the evaluation, the organisation can determine its process maturity level and plan or take the appropriate initiatives aimed at enhancing its process management, which shall consequently increase the process maturity of the enterprise.

Apart from the assistance we get in evaluation of our Customers’ process maturity, our cooperation with PROCESOWCY.PL allows us to use the information gathered by our partner to benchmark that maturity level against the background of the Customer’s industry.


Depending on the scope agreed, our involvement usually produces the following deliverables:

  • Report on the organisation’s process maturity, which specifies the areas with the desired level of maturity and those which still need to be improved.

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