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    Carrywater second in corporate relay race

    CarryWoman team took the second place in the women's relay teams clasification of Corporate Run organized by the Everest Foundation. Congratulations!

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    (Polski) Carrywater fundatorem praktyki w „Grasz o staż”

    (Polski) Po raz drugi Carrywater jest fundatorem praktyki w konkursie „Grasz o Staż”. Dla uczestników 18. edycji konkursu przygotowaliśmy zadanie konkursowe.

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    Carrywater joins Humanites Foundation’s “Two Hours for Family” campaign

    Carrywater accepted Humanites Foundation's (Polish name: "Fundacja Humanites-Sztuka Wychowania") invitation to its latest campaign called "Two hours for your family", whose main goal is to encourage employers to show their understanding for the importance of maintaining the right balance between the professional and the private life.

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    International Water Day

    World Water day is held annually on 22nd March. Carrywater eagerly supports this initiative and promotes the idea of protecting water resources around the world. The initiative is also promoted internally at the company, where on the 22nd March ­Carrywater Day is celebrated.

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    Carrywater’s patronage for Young Starter Initiative

    YOUNG STARTER is a project that comprises a series of meetings/specialised workshops addressed to young people who are thinking about starting their businesses and are looking for ideas, well-tried and tested scenarios and optimal financial solutions allowing them to make their dreams come true in a professional and effective way.

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    Carrywater launches “Venture Concept” programme

    On 12 December 2011 Carrywater launched a public programme “VENTURE CONCEPT”. The aim of the initiative is to facilitate implementing the most innovative projects put forward by its participants. The programme's objective is to identify, promote and deploy innovative solutions, ventures and concepts that build value by optimising the business or by generating new sources of revenue.

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