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Carrywater joins Humanites Foundation’s “Two Hours for Family” campaign

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Carrywater accepted Humanites Foundation’s (Polish name: “Fundacja Humanites-Sztuka Wychowania”) invitation to its latest campaign called “Two hours for your family”, whose main goal is to encourage employers to show their understanding for the importance of maintaining the right balance between the professional and the private life by reducing the daily time of work by the symbolic two hours, which the employees can spend with their closest relatives. Carrywater shall join that campaign on 15 May 2012, which is the International Family Day.

The initiative is part of a programme aimed at shaping the social development of the young generation, building its sense of identity and the system of values and is not only addressed to entrepreneurs but also to all families which recognise the importance of the harmony and equilibrium between their family and professional lives. The initiative aids employees in strengthening their social competences and values. It also builds the employers’ awareness of their need for highly motivated employees with correctly balanced private and professional life. Work-life balance actions taken by companies are in fact considered a very effective tool for motivating the staff and strengthening its bond to the employer.

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